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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we still be charged for our waste services?

Waste Cost Reduction Services (WRCS) provides cost effective waste management solutions for our customers and these costs will still be charged. However, by increasing the volume and value of your recyclable waste, we will work with you to offset some or all of these costs with a return on your recyclables.

Will this create more work for us?

As with any change in the workplace, there will be a short term increase in work whilst the change is implemented but this should not result in significant increases in workload in the longer term. Our experienced team will ensure that any increased activity is offset by financial benefits.

Will this take up more space on site?

We will work with you to make the most of the space you have available to you. Where there might be extra available space, we would ensure that any increase in footprint required is offset by the value of the return from your recyclables.

Will we still be implementing good environmental practices?

WCRS is committed to environmental compliance and best practice. Our waste management solutions are designed to meet your environmental objectives and these are not compromised in bringing you a financial return on your recyclables.

How much of a rebate will I receive?

This will depend on the value and amount of your recyclables and the state of the markets but many of our customers now receive a higher return on their recyclables than the value of their waste management invoice. Our team of experts will agree a pricing mechanism with you that ensures you receive a fair return on your recyclables as the value fluctuates over time. This can be done via tracker systems or through a ‘cost plus’ methodology and our team will agree a mechanism that suits you.

How long will we need to wait for a rebate?

We will issue you a credit note for the return earned from your recyclables at the same time of issuing your invoice. Any residual credit values shall be issued to you by BACS or cheque on a monthly basis.

Why can WCRS obtain the best price?

As a national operator, with a network of UK and international outlets and a team of experts, we are able to trade your recyclable materials on the open market enabling you to realise the full value of your waste.

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