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WCRS launches NEW Premium PPE Waste Solution

WCRS launches NEW Premium PPE Waste Solution

As businesses start to return to work and implement measures to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, the need to manage waste PPE in a safe and compliant manner has never been more important.

Despite guidance issued on managing waste PPE, we are seeing the demand from some customers for a fool proof approach, where waste is handled and treated as clinical waste, giving peace of mind and confidence that potentially contaminated waste is dealt with in the safest and most secure manner.

In response to customer demand, we have outlined the Government guidance and developed an alternative option for those customers seeking a more robust solution.

In our ‘Managing Covid-19 Waste with Confidence’ publication, we have detailed government guidance, explored the potential issues businesses may face in implementing this guidance and have provided an alternative solution for managing PPE waste.

Click here for further details on this guidance and our New premium solution for managing PPE waste.

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