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Recycling Trading

Make money from the growing recyclables market

Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS) makes money for our customers from their recyclables by capitalising on the commodity market.

The development of UK waste processing infrastructure, the growth of Far Eastern markets and the increasing scarcity of raw materials has created a significant worldwide market for recyclables. Today, these materials are traded in the same way as other commodities, with high demand recyclable materials obtaining high prices.

At WCRS, we have extensive knowledge of the waste industry and recyclable materials markets. We will carry out a thorough audit of your waste streams to help you to identify the high value materials that you generate. We will then work with you to establish most practical approach that will enable you to grade and separate these high value materials most effectively.

We will collect your recyclables and store these until the point of sale. Our end market relationships will enable us to sell these materials at the best price. We will return a significant rebate to you, allowing you to make money from your recyclables.

Realise the value in your recyclables in five easy steps

  1. We audit your waste streams
  2. We help you implement new waste practices
  3. We collect and store your recyclables
  4. We trade your recyclables materials
  5. You receive a significant rebate
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