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WCRS - Recycling Angels

The Recycling Angels provide an all-important, additional support to Event Managers, Organisers and their Facilities Management and Operations Team’s to maximise recycling at largescale events.

The team help by minimising contamination at the point of segregation and by helping to streamline waste management operations.

What are the benefits?

With experience managing waste across a wide range of major sporting and social events WCRS and its Recycling Angels understand the challenges that come with high levels of public attendance and temporary staff.

To implement an effective recycling programme, taking the time to ensure all stakeholders are fully trained and on board, whilst planning and executing a largescale event can be a huge challenge.

However there are many benefits both environmentally and financially to implementing an effective recycling and waste management programme:

  • Significant increases in recycling rates
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced costs through diversion of waste to landfill
  • A cleaner, greener experience for event goers
  • Better compliance with legislation
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

How does it work?

The key aim of our Recycling Angels service is to monitor and support back of house managers, as well as the cleaning and porter staff to ensure that the temporary staff are segregating waste correctly into the relevant recycling streams.

In order to ensure that Recycling Angels are as effective as possible at the event, a dedicated account manager will work closely with the client and their operations team before, during and after the event to understand any recycling system currently in place and implement a plan of action working closely with your cleaning, catering and operations teams.

If you would like to find out more about how the Recycling Angels can help improve your events’ environmental performance and green credentials, contact us today for further information and support.

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